1. In school, English was always my favorite subject. Then I spent years as a homeschool mom, focused on grammar. After spending a great deal of time learning the craft of writing, I found myself unable to read a book without editing it in my mind. All this gave birth to my newest passion, copy editing. My goal as a copy editor is to help make your book as error-free and professional as possible, while maintaining your voice, at an affordable cost for self-published authors. I do not edit horror, vampire, erotica, or books with foul language and reserve the right to choose whether or not to edit any book.


I charge for per one thousand words, or portion thereof. 
$1.50 per 1,000 words
Add up to $0.75 for heavy editing (at my discretion)
Totals $2.25 per 1,000 words

Cost based on word-count of the original manuscript, before editing.

70,750 words
Base cost:  $106.50
Heavy editing surcharge: $53.25
Total cost: $159.75

This example shows a full heavy editing charge. If your book requires only somewhat heavy editing, the surcharge would be less.

If you have done a good job of self-editing, there would be no surcharge. 
To charge a surcharge or not is totally at my discretion and is not negotiable

Please note:
My editing services are designed to provide a low-cost service to self-published authors who could not normally afford professional editing.  I see it as a ministry.  Based on the above example, I would be making approximately $2.66 per hour.  

As a writer, my editing time is limited. As a result, the number of books I accept for editing will be restricted.