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  1. Sage - Out of Time Series
    Doggedly independent, adventurous, and determined, Sage thrives on "experiences." Consequently, this drug/alcohol counselor and part-time waitress leads a nomadic life, continually adding to her life's list of accomplishments, adventures, and knowledge. When she falls into another time, she finds the adventure of a lifetime. Using her knowledge of the future, she expects to profit financially and experientially. However, she finds far more than she could have imagined. Review comments: "...this story and its concept drew me in and kept me turning pages. It's obvious a great deal of research was done to craft this piece - time well spent by the author." "Once again, this author has surpassed herself." "This book was definitely a surprise." "The ending was remarkable." "Planning to buy this book for Christmas gifts!" "Rich in historical detail, this unusual story is a joy to read." "What a fun trip! Very different storyline."
  2. Gabrielle - Out of Time Series
    A devoted and loving homeschooling mother of three, Gabrielle strives to be the perfect wife, mother, and homemaker her husband expects and requires. Her faith in God and love for her children create solid foundations in a life filled with restrictions, demands, and insanity. Finding herself in a time not her own, Gabrielle struggles to survive while coping with the loss of her children. As she labors to live, she is determined to remain faithful to a husband she expects to never see again. Can her faith carry her through? Review comments: " easy and entertaining read." '...loved the characters and historic detail." "As I began reading, I felt there was far too much description, and the story was slow. However, as I read on, I came to realize this was the foundation laid for a greater understanding of what was to come. And that was a tale of riches beyond money or gold." "It didn't progress in the way I thought it would." "I couldn't put it down!" "This book is a keeper. It is one the reader will become enthralled in, not wanting it to end. It would make a fabulous movie."
  3. Emily - Out of Time Series (coming soon)
    Young, spoiled, and immature, this party girl's lifestyle is all about her. Self-centered, yet without self-esteem, she believes her party life will lead to happiness. Totally lost in an unfamiliar time and world, Emily's anger over her situation threatens to consume her. With time though, she begins to see the world through new eyes. But when a disaster happens, she takes drastic steps in hopes of finding her way home. She doesn't realize she needs to find more than a way to her earthly home.
  4. Fructose Malabsorption: The Survival Guide
    Once a little-known diagnosis, Fructose Malabsorption (FM) is increasingly being identified as a principal source of digestive difficulties. Experts estimate FM to be the cause of 45% to 75% of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) cases. Born of frustration resulting from a lack of information, the Ledfords have compiled the most comprehensive resource to date. After more than two years of extensive research, FMers finally have purposeful guidance through the confusing array of contradictions which accompany FM. Packed with information, lists, recipes, support, and resources, this useful book provides for perplexed sufferers and encouragement toward a "normal" life. Review comments: "I want to thank the authors for this informative book." "I like the way it was organized." "This book is very clear and basic and easy to use." "It has helped me!' For additional information, go to
  5. Fructose Malabsorption: The Shopping Guide
    Shopping frequently offers the greatest challenge for the FMer. Entire stores are filled with foods designed to create a reaction - but not a good one. This full-color book is your guide to shopping, buying, and finding those elusive foods to fill your FM pantry. In addition to a generic shopping list, The Shopping Guide provides a large selection of brand name items suitable for Fructose Malabsorption. Brand items, listed by type, include: photos, brand, product name, ingredients, notes on the product, and if the product is free of twelve problematic foods, such as gluten and dairy. For use in the U.S. For additional information, go to
  6. Oregon Brew Tour
    Whether shopping the cities, fishing the lakes, skiing the mountains, or combing the beaches, Oregon has much to offer. Whatever you do and wherever you do it, there is a brewery, a brewpub, or a brew destination close by. Experience the feel, the look, and the people of Oregon’s Brewing Industry. You taste and review the beer, or not, if you prefer, but let Oregon Brew Tour guide you through the history, the ambiance, the buildings, the festivals, and the people that make the Oregon Craft Beer community special. From Astoria to Joseph, From Portland to Ashland, Along the Coast or the Columbia, and Over the Cascades, Experience ALL Oregon Craft Beers have to offer. Take the Tour! Order directly from the author and receive an up-to-date listing of new breweries - while supplies last. For additional information go to Review comments: " was a winner! I highly recommend it." "...well thought out, well written that's easily understood by even beginner beer drinkers and well organized." "Great Book!, easy to read guide..."
  7. Slowman Snowman (written by Debra's son)
    Written by a fourteen-year-old homeschooler, this endearing story and its expressive illustrations will delight children as they learn a valuable lesson about bullying. Written by: Philip Egleston Illustrated by: Jayme Walter Review comments: "...I like the fact that this book teaches kids, "You never know what will happen." "...absolutely adorable!...The characters were given real personality that came through brilliantly. Bravo to the artist!" "...good for teachers to show class about writing assignments coming alive on paper as this was a homeschool project." "Wonderful easy reader and great illustrations..."